February 23rd - March 1st is the College of Physical & Mathematical Sciences 50th Anniversary Giving Week! By becoming an ambassador, you will be helping spread the word about the College's 50th Anniversary Giving Week by way of sharing through your social media and/or other channels. You can also win a prize by being one of the top 3 ambassadors to get others to give. 

  1. Sign up to be an ambassador
  2. Share your custom link with everyone encouraging them to give
  3. If enough people give through your link and you are one of the top 3 ambassadors, you win one of the following prizes:
    1. First place: BYU Hoodie & Bluetooth Speaker (in the shape of a retro cassette tape) 
    2. Second place: BYU Blanket & Bluetooth Speaker 
    3. Third place: BYU Hat & Bluetooth Speaker