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Honoring Our Past & Shaping Our Future

Our college is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, honoring the alumni, faculty, and students who have built BYU into what it is today. Our campaign also looks forward to the next 50 years, future students, and BYU’s prophetic destiny to become an “educational Everest.”

Get Involved

Alumni will be key to helping BYU achieve this momentous goal. In fact, one of the most common requests from our graduating seniors is for additional mentoring and guidance from alumni. We hope this anniversary will inspire more alumni to get involved and join us in the great cause of making student dreams come true.

Legacy of Excellence

Our college is the result of countless alumni, students, faculty, and staff who make the world a better place through discoveries, innovation, and plain hard work. The next generation of students looks to us—alumni, students, faculty, and staff—to be great. With your help, BYU will be counted among the exceptional universities in the world and will be an essential example for the world. Please join us in celebrating our legacy of excellence and our future of endless possibility.

Physical & Mathematical Department Extra Impact Gift
A generous donor has given an extra impact gift that will award the top three departments with the highest donor participation percentage: 1st - $25k, 2nd - $15k, 3rd - $10k
Rank Prize Fund Designation % +/- Goal
1 $25,000 Chemistry & Biochemistry Undergraduate Mentoring +196.43% 83
goal: 28
2 $15,000 Geological Sciences Undergraduate Mentoring +58.33% 19
goal: 12
3 $10,000 Mathematics Education Undergraduate Mentoring +50.00% 12
goal: 8
4 Physics & Astronomy Undergraduate Mentoring +27.27% 28
goal: 22
5 Computer Science Undergraduate Mentoring -34.43% 40
goal: 61
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Rank State Gifts
1 UT 141
2 ID 11
3 WA 7
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